Case Study — Visual Design

Digital City Guides

Print Collective 

Print Collective was started during the first global confinements in 2020 to help people discover small businesses in their hometown.

I created the original visual design for social and designed a digital city guide website.

Visual Design

Designed high fidelity wireframes & built live website

Conducting research for a new itinerary feature for site & next iterations

About the project

Beginning as a visual design project for social media, Print expanded quickly & need for a website was clear to aid users.

Instagram story post templates were created to showcase city recommendations and features like road trips and gift guides.

Problem space

Speaking with followers, users needed an easy way to easily access recommendations from others without having to look through Instagram Stories.

Homepage for Print Collective digital city guides.

I organized information architecture and user flows for the website to make recommendations friendly and easy-to-use.


Galleries on city guide pages allow users to explore different categories of business, while the map view helps users plan in a certain area.

Designs were also created to continue iterating and developing the first version of the website.

Toronto city guide includes editorial content and overview of recommendations with links to the interactive map.


As Print Collective continues to grow, I am designing iterations and conducting user research for a new itinerary product.

In the end...

The experience of translating digital experiences and visual design required attention to both user needs and design trends. Searching for a careful balance of both taught me to always look to evolve design and improve functionality.

Where I got inspiration during this project:

¹ LOSTiN City Guides
² Other designers on Dribbble
³ Mejuri’s The Edit blog