Case Study — UX/UI Design

Profile Sign In & Sign Up

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

The Four Seasons Exclusive Offer program drove incremental revenue by providing guests a booking offer when creating a profile.

A change in the sign-in the interface led to a drop in sign ups and bookings—I tested and redesigned the user interface (UI) on a short timeline to improve the experience. 

UX Design & Research

Tested current sign in & sign up flow and conducted a competitive analysis to design screens for A/B testing

New design drove uplift in sign ins, registrations, and bookings; currently undergoing implementation

About the project

When I first joined the Four Seasons team, a new profile design was implemented with a one-time password sign-in flow, but the interface was not tested with users prior to its launch.

A drop in revenue for offer-based bookings was identified—new information design was needed to make the sign-in experience clearer & entice users to join.

Users had difficulty identifying where to register for a new account & the new one-time password flow had little feedback for users.

Problem space

Following implementation, a drop in profile sign ins & sign ups occurred and linked to new profile authentication flow. This indicated that users were experiencing difficulties.

Both the e-commerce & product teams needed a rapid solution for the interface design; I created a plan to gather user input and redesign sign in/up flow.

An early evaluation of profile sign in flow identified spaces for improvement following implementation & helped inform user testing.

Past analyses informed a quick user study; I used findings to create new authentication flow mockups for A/B testing—new design drove an uplift in sign ins and bookings.


Tested current state authentication flow on desktop and mobile with 8 users. I identified findings including a lack of feedback from the forms and users having difficulty navigating the registration flow.

Used testing action items to design mockups; I condensed copy into a single page to prominently feature sign up link. I leveraged the reduced whitespace to feature the benefits of sign up through conversational copy.

The updated design put the Sign In & Sign Up pages together to help aid users in finding their way through the flow.


The team A/B tested new copy & design on live site—drove +18% uplift in sign ins & registrations and +15% uplift in bookings through sign-in offers.

Following the test, the visual design has been evolved for a new design system and is in the process of implementation. The insights collected helped maintain an easy-to-understand user flow in future iterations.

In the end...

The initial problem space became an opportunity to advocate for UX research. Following this case study, I focused my work on growing usability practices as part of the product journey at Four Seasons digital.

This project exposed me to how quickly research and design can move. It equally showed me the impact of even a small amount of research can have on a user’s experience. In the following two years I worked on the Four Seasons digital team, I worked to advocate for and conduct testing before implementation to ensure user’s needs and pain points were heard.

What I consulted during this project:

¹ How to Organize & Share User Insights, Zack Naylor via LinkedIn
² How to do a UX Competitor Analysis, Steven Douglas via UsabilityGeek
³ My competitive analysis of luxury websites, including Belmond, Gucci, and Tiffany & Co.